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Ethnicity and education: Biculturalism in New Zealand

A Maxwell

Multicultural States: Rethinking Difference and Identity | Routledge - Taylor & Francis | Published : 2013


Recent efforts by indigenous Maori in New Zealand to reassert aspects of their traditional culture have given rise to a liberalist desire amongst Pakeha (New Zealanders of European descent or origin) to reinvent the nation in a bicultural image. This image is most noticeable in public forms of remembering such as those to be found in art galleries and museums, but since 1987 it has also determined education policy, so that even official history-writing is now being organised around the written and oral accounts of the two main signatories to the Treaty of Waitangi - Europeans and Maori. Yet there are several problems with this treaty model of history-writing that need to be considered if the..

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