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Assessment of a metabarcoding approach for the characterisation of vector-borne bacteria in canines from Bangkok, Thailand

Lucas G Huggins, Anson Koehler, Ng-Nguyen Dinh, Stephen Wilcox, Bettina Schunack, Tawin Inpankaew, Rebecca J Traub

PARASITES & VECTORS | BMC | Published : 2019


BACKGROUND: Globally, bacterial vector-borne disease (VBD) exerts a large toll on dogs in terms of morbidity and mortality but nowhere is this more pronounced than in the tropics. Tropical environments permit a burgeoning diversity and abundance of ectoparasites some of which can transmit an extensive range of infectious agents, including bacteria, amongst others. Although some of these vector-borne bacteria are responsible for both animal and human diseases in the tropics, there is a scarcity of epidemiological investigation into these pathogens' prevalence. The situation is further exacerbated by frequent canine co-infection, complicating symptomatology that regular diagnostic techniques m..

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