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Incomplete recording of Indigenous identification status under-estimates the prevalence of Indigenous population attending Australian general practices: a cross sectional study

Belinda K Ford, Marlene Kong, James S Ward, Jane S Hocking, Christopher K Fairley, Basil Donovan, Rebecca Lorch, Simone Spark, Matthew Law, John Kaldor, Rebecca Guy



BACKGROUND: Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (Indigenous) peoples face major health disadvantage across many conditions. Recording of patients' Indigenous status in general practice records supports equitable delivery of effective clinical services. National policy and accreditation standards mandate recording of Indigenous status in patient records, however for a large proportion of general practice patient records it remains incomplete. We assessed the completeness of Indigenous status in general practice patient records, and compared the patient self-reported Indigenous status to general practice medical records. METHODS: A cross sectional analysis of Indigenous status rec..

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Funding Acknowledgements

This study was conducted as part of the Australian Government Department of Health - funded Australian Chlamydia Control Effectiveness Pilot. Additional funding and support has been provided by National Health and Medical Research Council, Victorian Department of Health and Human Services, NSW Health, Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, and the Australian Primary Health Care Nurses Association. The funding bodies were consulted about the design of the trial and were informed about the trial results but had no input to data collection, analysis and interpretation of the data, nor in writing the manuscript.