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Kelp beds as coastal protection: wave attenuation of Ecklonia radiata in a shallow coastal bay.

Rebecca L Morris, Tristan DJ Graham, Jaya Kelvin, Marco Ghisalberti, Stephen E Swearer

Annals of Botany | Oxford University Press (OUP) | Published : 2020


BACKGROUND AND AIMS: Coastal protection from erosion and flooding is a significant ecosystem service provided by vegetated marine systems. Kelp beds are a dominant habitat-forming species on temperate reefs worldwide. While they are valued as hotspots of biodiversity, there is a paucity of information that supports their use in nature-based coastal defence. This includes the effectiveness of kelp beds in attenuating waves approaching the shore and how this influences sediment transport. METHODS: Wave loggers were deployed at paired kelp bed and control (urchin barren) treatments at four sites in Port Phillip Bay, Australia. The significant wave height offshore (exposed side) to onshore (shel..

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