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Age Differences in Emotion Regulation and Facial Muscle Reactivity to Emotional Films.

Izelle Labuschagne, David J Pedder, Julie D Henry, Gill Terrett, Peter G Rendell

Gerontology | Published : 2020


BACKGROUND: Age-related declines in many cognitive abilities are common in healthy aging. However, the ability to effectively regulate emotions is preserved, and possibly even enhanced, in late adulthood. This capacity has been examined most commonly in relation to low-intensity emotional stimuli that typically involve static pictures. Evidence is suggesting that older adults may become overwhelmed when exposed to emotional cues of heightened intensity. OBJECTIVE: In the current study, we assessed whether older adults retain the ability to regulate emotions successfully when exposed to more emotionally evocative (e.g., dynamic) stimuli. METHODS: Young and older adults were instructed to regu..

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