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Refined analytical models for pipe-lay on elasto-plastic seabed

Feng Yuan, Mark F Randolph, Lizhong Wang, Liang Zhao, Yinghui Tian



This paper presents a refined analytical solution for pipe-laying on an elasto-plastic seabed. The solution builds on previous work, extending it to include elastic rebound of the pipe. The approach simplifies the pipeline as the combination of four segments: a natural catenary through most of the water column; a boundary-layer segment in the water close to the seabed where the bending stiffness of the pipe modifies the shape of the catenary; a beam under uniform tension through the touch down zone up to the point where maximum pipe-soil load concentration occurs, within which the soil responds plastically; and finally a rebound segment, also modelled as a beam under uniform tension, where t..

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Awarded by Postdoctoral Science Foundation of China, China

Awarded by National Natural Science Foundation of China

Funding Acknowledgements

The authors would like to acknowledge the support of the Grant No. 2014170574 from Postdoctoral Science Foundation of China, China, and the Grant No. 51409228 from the National Natural Science Foundation of China.