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Malnutrition is associated with dynamic physical performance

Keenan A Ramsey, Carel GM Meskers, Marijke C Trappenburg, Sjors Verlaan, Esmee M Reijnierse, Anna C Whittaker, Andrea B Maier

Aging Clinical and Experimental Research | SPRINGER | Published : 2020


BACKGROUND: Malnutrition and poor physical performance are both conditions that increase in prevalence with age; however, their interrelation in a clinically relevant population has not been thoroughly studied. AIMS: This study aimed to determine the strength of the association between malnutrition and measures of both static and dynamic physical performance in a cohort of geriatric outpatients. METHODS: This cross-sectional study included 286 older adults (mean age 81.8, SD 7.2 years, and 40.6% male) who were referred to geriatric outpatient mobility clinics. The presence of malnutrition was determined using the Short Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire (SNAQ, cut-off ≥ 2 points). Measures..

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