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Imaging Graphene Field-Effect Transistors on Diamond Using Nitrogen-Vacancy Microscopy

Scott E Lillie, Nikolai Dontschuk, David A Broadway, Daniel L Creedon, Lloyd CL Hollenberg, Jean-Philippe Tetienne



The application of imaging techniques based on ensembles of nitrogen-vacancy (N-V) sensors in diamond to characterize electrical devices has been proposed, but the compatibility of N-V sensing with operational gated devices remains largely unexplored. Here we report the fabrication of graphene fieldeffect transistors directly on the diamond surface and their characterization by N-V microscopy. The current density within the gated graphene is reconstructed from N-V-magnetometry measurements under both mostly p- and n-type doping, but the exact doping level is found to be affected by the measurements. Additionally, we observe a surprisingly large modulation of the electric field at the diamond..

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Awarded by Australian Research Council

Funding Acknowledgements

We thank Daniel J. McCloskey and Alastair Stacey for useful discussions. This work was supported by the Australian Research Council through Grants No. DE170100129, No. CE170100012, and No. FL130100119. This work was performed in part at the Melbourne Centre for Nanofabrication in the Victorian Node of the Australian National Fabrication Facility. D.A.B. and S.E.L. are supported by an Australian Government Research Training Program Scholarship.