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On the Dual Relationship Between Markov Chains of GI/M/1 and M/G/1 Type

PG Taylor, B Van Houdt

Advances in Applied Probability | Cambridge University Press (CUP) | Published : 2010


In 1990, Ramaswami proved that, given a Markov renewal process of M/G/1 type, it is possible to construct a Markov renewal process of GI/M/1 type such that the matrix transforms G (z, s) for the M/G/1-type process and R (z, s) for the GI/M/1-type process satisfy a duality relationship. In his 1996 PhD thesis, Bright used time reversal arguments to show that it is possible to define a different dual for positive-recurrent and transient processes of M/G/1 type and GI/M/1 type. Here we compare the properties of the Ramaswami and Bright dual processes and show that the Bright dual has desirable properties that can be exploited i..

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