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Biosynthesis and Ether‐Bridge Formation in Nargenicin Macrolides

Sacha J Pidot, Marion Herisse, Liam Sharkey, Liselle Atkin, Jessica L Porter, Torsten Seemann, Benjamin P Howden, Mark A Rizzacasa, Timothy P Stinear

Angewandte Chemie | Wiley | Published : 2019


Abstract: The nargenicin family of antibiotics are macrolides containing a rare ether‐bridged cis‐decalin motif. Several of these compounds are highly active against multi‐drug resistant organisms. Despite the identification of the first members of this family almost 40 years ago, the genetic basis for the production of these molecules and the enzyme responsible for formation of the oxa bridge, remain unknown. Here, the 85 kb nargenicin biosynthetic gene cluster was identified from a human pathogenic Nocardia arthritidis isolate and this locus is solely responsible for nargenicin production. Further investigation of this locus revealed a putative iron‐α‐ketoglutarate‐dependent dioxygenase, w..

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