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Language Translation Apps in Health Care Settings: Expert Opinion (Preprint)

Anita Panayiotou, Anastasia Gardner, Sue Williams, Emiliano Zucchi, Monita Mascitti-Meuter, Anita MY Goh, Emily You, Terence WH Chong, Dina Logiudice, Xiaoping Lin, Betty Haralambous, Frances Batchelor

JMIR Publications Inc.


BACKGROUND Currently, over 300 languages are spoken in Australian homes. People without proficient English from non-English speaking countries may not receive equitable care if their health care workers do not speak their primary language. Use of professional interpreters is considered the gold standard; however, for a variety of reasons, it is often limited to key aspects of care such as diagnosis and consent. With the emergence of mobile technologies, health care workers are increasingly using digital translation tools to fill this gap. However, many of these technologies have not been developed for health care settings and their use has not been evaluated. ..

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