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Brassinosteroids Influence Arabidopsis Hypocotyl Graviresponses Through Changes In Mannans And Cellulose

Marc Somssich, Filip Vandenbussche, Alexander Ivakov, Norma Funke, Colin Ruprecht, Kris Vissenberg, Dominique Van Der Straeten, Staffan Persson, Dmitry Suslov

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory


AbstractThe force of gravity is a constant environmental factor. Plant shoots respond to gravity through negative gravitropism and gravity resistance. These responses are essential for plants to direct the growth of aerial organs away from the soil surface after germination and to keep an upright posture above ground. We took advantage of the effect of brassinosteroids on the two types of graviresponses in Arabidopsis thaliana hypocotyls to disentangle functions of cell wall polymers during etiolated shoot growth. The ability of etiolated Arabidopsis seedlings to grow upwards was suppressed in the presence of 24-epibrassinolide (EBL) but enhanced in the presence of brassinazole (BRZ), an inh..

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