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Song For Von Guerard

Mark Shorter

Carriageworks | Published : 2019


"Song for Von Guerard" was a major creative work composing of a durational performance of 54 hours and an installation exhibited in Carriageworks as part of The National in March 2019. The work used performance, fire and the afterimage to question the myths that underpin Eugene Von Guerard's 1863 portrait of Mt Kosciusko. During the performance, which consisted of 9 x 6hr events the viewer entered a pitch black space haunted by the guttural croaking sounds of my alter-ego, Schleimgurgeln (a non-verbal time travelling landscape painting critic). The darkness was periodically illuminated by a matchstick struck off the wall. In that moment the figure of Schleimgurgeln and Von Guerard's Kosciusk..

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