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Dysbiosis associated with acute helminth infections in herbivorous youngstock - observations and implications

Laura E Peachey, Cecilia Castro, Rebecca A Molena, Timothy P Jenkins, Julian L Griffin, Cinzia Cantacessi



A plethora of data points towards a role of the gastrointestinal (GI) microbiota of neonatal and young vertebrates in supporting the development and regulation of the host immune system. However, knowledge of the impact that infections by GI helminths exert on the developing microbiota of juvenile hosts is, thus far, limited. This study investigates, for the first time, the associations between acute infections by GI helminths and the faecal microbial and metabolic profiles of a cohort of equine youngstock, prior to and following treatment with parasiticides (ivermectin). We observed that high versus low parasite burdens (measured via parasite egg counts in faecal samples) were associated wi..

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Funding Acknowledgements

L.E.P. is the grateful recipient of a Horserace Betting Levy Board postdoctoral research fellowship. T.P.J. PhD scholarship is funded by the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (UK). Research in the C.C. laboratory is funded by grants awarded by the Isaac Newton Trust/Wellcome Trust/University of Cambridge joint research scheme, the Isaac Newton Trust and the Royal Society (UK). The authors wish to thank the managers and employees of the UK stud farm for contributing to this study.