Conference Proceedings

Exploring the design of social VR experiences with older adults

S Baker, J Waycott, R Carrasco, T Hoang, F Vetere

Proceedings of the 2019 on Designing Interactive Systems Conference | ACM | Published : 2019


Thereisgrowing interestintechnologies that allow older adults to socialise across geographic boundaries. Anemerging technologyinthis spaceis social virtual reality (VR). Inthis paper we reporton aseriesofparticipatory design workshops that involved extended in-depth collaboration with22 older adults (aged 70-81), that aimedtounderstand their viewsonthe typesofsocial VR experiences that they sawasbeingofvaluetoolder adults. This process culminatedinareminiscence-based socialVRconcept. Our study identifies: participants' ideas about the types of social VR experiences they found appealing; the potential for social VR asapowerful reminiscence tool; how socialVRmightbeused asatooltochallenge agei..

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