Conference Proceedings

A Comparative Study of Film Cooling Effectiveness on a Flat Plate With Adiabatic and Conjugate Conditions for Different Hole Shapes

PM Dileep Chandran, Paresh Halder, Rajesh Kumar Panda, BVSSS Prasad

Volume 4: Heat Transfer, Parts A and B | American Society of Mechanical Engineers | Published : 2012


A computational study is carried out for comparison of the effectiveness of film cooling through holes of different shapes: cylindrical, shaped, trenched cylindrical and trenched shaped hole. Both adiabatic and conjugate wall thermal condition with various blowing ratios (0.6 to 1.4) are considered for the investigation. The coolant-to-mainstream density ratio and temperature ratio are maintained at 1.6 and 0.625 respectively. The κ-ω SST turbulence model is used for computation. The complex flow structures within the film hole, the exit and in the interaction zone of jet with cross flow are reported. Among the configurations studied, the shaped and trenched shaped holes have shown smaller j..

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