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Nonlinear reduced-order modeling of the forced and autonomous aeroelastic response of a membrane wing using Harmonic Balance methods

M Nardini, SJ Illingworth, RD Sandberg

Journal of Fluids and Structures | Academic Press | Published : 2019


A nonlinear reduced-order model for a membrane wing at low Reynolds numbers is obtained by coupling a linear aerodynamic model with a nonlinear one-dimensional membrane equation. Steady-state solutions for the membrane's aeroelastic response are obtained by means of Harmonic Balance methods in the frequency-domain and in the time-domain. Harmonic Balance methods are adopted to investigate the aeroelastic response of a membrane wing pitching about its leading-edge at Re=100, for different values of the pitching angle. Differences between the two Harmonic Balance approaches are discussed and validations of the methods are carried out using high-fidelity Direct Numerical Simulations. The effect..

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Funding Acknowledgements

Computing resources provided at the NCI National Facility systems at the Australian National University through the National Computational Merit Allocation Scheme supported by the Australian Government are acknowledged.