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One way or another i'm gonna find ya: The influence of input mechanism on scrolling in complex digital collections

G Buchanan, D McKay

Proceedings of the ... ACM/IEEE Joint Conference on Digital Libraries. ACM/IEEE Joint Conference on Digital Libraries | IEEE | Published : 2019


© 2019 IEEE. Creating effective interfaces for browsing is a key challenge in digital libraries. In a desktop computing-based world, large screen real estate and vertical-only scrolling were major drivers of the design of DL interfaces. Mobile computing presents new challenges and opportunities for DLs: screens are smaller, but touch screens afford interactions that have not been possible in the past. In this paper we compare the effect of input modality-touch vs. scrolling-on navigation in interfaces designed for book browsing. We specifically address effectiveness and user satisfaction with horizontal and two-dimensional scrolling, which has traditionally had low acceptability to users and..

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