Conference Proceedings

Understanding Automatic Conveyor-belt Columbaria: Emerging Sites of Interactive Memorialization in Japan

Daisuke Uriu, William Odom, Hannah Gould

Proceedings of the 2018 Designing Interactive Systems Conference | ASSOC COMPUTING MACHINERY | Published : 2018


Focusing on the design of technology for mourning and memorialization, we describe the emergence of Automatic Conveyor-belt Columbaria, locally developed in Japan, as an example of an interactive system combining physical and digital remains, and discuss its user experiences and social influences. It concludes with implications for future HCI research and practice with a focus on future gravesites and memorialization sites in dense urbanized regions.

University of Melbourne Researchers



Funding Acknowledgements

We thank Hasegawa Co., Ltd. for providing opportunities of our field studies in this project. This research is supported by JSPS KAKENHI Grant Number JP16H03534.