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Intergenerational Impacts of Family Violence - Mothers and Children in a Large Prospective Pregnancy Cohort Study

D Gartland, R Giallo, H Woolhouse, F Mensah, SJ Brown



Background: Violence and other adversities commonly co-occur, yet are usually investigated individually. The primary objectives of this paper are to investigate: (i) the relationship between maternal exposure to violence (including childhood abuse and intimate partner violence) and postpartum mental and physical health; and (ii) the extent to which exposure to violence and poor maternal mental and physical health are associated with children's emotional-behavioral difficulties. Methods: Prospective pregnancy cohort (n = 1507) followed up to 4 year postpartum. Validated measures used: Composite Abuse Scale; Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale, SF-36, Child Maltreatment History Self Report; S..

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Funding Acknowledgements

Grants #199222, #433006 and #491205 from The NationalHealth and Medical Research Council (NHMRC),NHMRC Senior Research Fellowship #1103976(SB) and NHMRC Career Development Fellowship #1111160(FM), PreVAIL(DG), NHMRC Safer Families Centre for Researc Excellence #1116690 and the Victorian Government's Operational Infrastructure Support Program.The funding organizations had no involvement in the conduct of the study, and the authors are independent of the funding sources. All authors had access to the study data and were responsible for the decision to submit the paper for publication.