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The 'sentinel' vessel: an anatomical landmark to identify the pes anserinus during hamstrings harvest for ACL reconstruction.

Satish Babu, Chinmay Gupte, Shreyash Gajjar, Hayden Morris

Eur J Orthop Surg Traumatol | Published : 2019


Hamstrings identification and subsequent graft harvest can be made difficult by body habitus and variability in tendon anatomy. We describe a 'sentinel' blood vessel near the insertions of gracilis and semitendinosus to facilitate identification. A prospective study of 100 patients (100 knees) undergoing primary arthroscopic ACL reconstruction (via the anterior approach) with hamstrings graft was conducted. We searched for a 'sentinel' vessel and studied its position, orientation and perpendicular distance from the pes tendons. The 'sentinel' vessel was present in 98/100 knees. It passed from the superficial fascia to the periosteum at the pes insertion at a mean perpendicular distance of 8 ..

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