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Molecular basis for the increased polymyxin susceptibility of Klebsiella pneumoniae strains with under-acylated lipid A

Tony Velkov, Rachel L Soon, Pei L Chong, Johnny X Huang, Matthew A Cooper, Mohammad AK Azad, Mark A Baker, Philip E Thompson, Kade Roberts, Roger L Nation, Abigail Clements, Richard A Strugnell, Jian Li

Innate Immunity | SAGE Publications | Published : 2013


The impact of under-acylation of lipid A on the interaction between Klebsiella pneumoniae LPS and polymyxins B and E was examined with fluorometric and calorimetric methods, and by 1H NMR, using a paired wild type (WT) and the Δ lpxM mutant strains B5055 and B5055Δ lpxM, which predominantly express LPS with hexa- and penta-acylated lipid A structures respectively. LPS from B5055Δ lpxM displayed a fourfold increased binding affinity for polymyxins B and E compared with the B5055 WT LPS. EC50 values were consistent with polymyxin minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) values for each strain. Accordingly, polymyxin exposure considerably enhanced the permeability of the B5055Δ lpxM OM. Analysis ..

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