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Beneath the surface: community assembly and functions of the coral skeleton microbiome

Francesco Ricci, Vanessa Rossetto Marcelino, Linda Blackall, Michael Kühl, Monica Medina, Heroen Verbruggen

Center for Open Science


Coral microbial ecology is a burgeoning field, driven by the urgency of understanding coral health and slowing reef loss due to climate change. Coral resilience depends on its microbiota, and both the tissue and the underlying skeleton are home to a rich biodiversity of eukaryotic, bacterial and archaeal species that form an integral part of the coral holobiont. New techniques now enable detailed studies of the endolithic habitat, and our knowledge of the skeletal microbial community and its eco-physiology is increasing rapidly, with multiple lines of evidence for the importance of the skeletal microbiota in coral health and functioning. Here, we review the roles these organisms play in the ..

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