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Initial observations of water quality indicators in the Dili City unconfined, shallow aquifer, Timor-Leste, and suggestions for management of this common-pool groundwater resource

Marcal Ximenes, Brendan Duffy, Mafaldo J Faria

Center for Open Science


The management of groundwater quality is a critical issue in developing nations where sanitation and drinking-water targets are commonly addressed by facilitating access to groundwater, which is then managed as a common-pool resource. We investigate the quality of the shallow unconfined groundwater in Dili’s alluvial fan system, which 50% of Dili’s rapidly growing population access for all their water requirements. Using the basic chemical and microbiological analyses that are locally available (sulfate, total hardness, fluoride, manganese, iron, ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, total Coliform and E. Coli.) we show that the shallow wells commonly contain enhanced concentrations of dissolved solids..

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