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Non-invasive continuous haemodynamic monitoring and response to intervention in haemodynamically unstable patients during rapid response team review

Christopher T Eyeington, Patryck Lloyd-Donald, Matthew J Chan, Glenn M Eastwood, Helen Young, Leah Peck, Nada Marhoon, Daryl A Jones, Rinaldo Bellomo



INTRODUCTION: During rapid response team (RRT) management of haemodynamic instability (HI), continuous non-invasive haemodynamic monitoring may provide supplemental physiological information. OBJECTIVES: To continuously and non-invasively obtain the cardiac index (CI) and mean arterial pressure (MAP) in patients with HI at baseline and during RRT management using the ClearSight™ device. METHODS: We performed a prospective observational study in adult patients managed by the RRT for tachycardia or hypotension or both. We assessed changes from baseline in heart rate (HR), MAP, CI, stroke volume index (SVI) and systemic vascular resistance index (SVRI) (i) at 5-minutely intervals up to 20 min, ..

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Funding Acknowledgements

This study was supported by a $ 10,000 (AUD) unrestricted educational grant from Edwards Lifesciences, who also supplied some of the single-use finger probes. Edwards Lifesciences were not involved in any other capacity (study concept and design; data collection, analysis, and interpretation; writing and editing of the manuscript; decision to submit for publication). This work was supported by an unrestricted educational grant from the Austin Hospital Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Trust Fund.