Conference Proceedings

Impacts of Price-led Operation of Residential Storage on Distribution Networks: An Australian Case Study

Kyriacos Petrou, Andreas T Procopiou, Luis F Ochoa, Tom Langstaff, John Theunissen

2019 IEEE Milan PowerTech | IEEE | Published : 2019


The popularity of residential solar PV systems in Australia has paved the way for the growing adoption of battery energy storage (BES) systems. To bring even more benefits to customers, Australian companies are developing control schemes for residential BES systems to also respond to price signals. However, depending on the time at which a high price signal is provided, the resulting power injection from the BES system can be coincident with that of the solar PV. If unrestricted, this combined injection could exacerbate reverse power flows and the associated effects, potentially posing a risk to the operation of the electricity infrastructure. Using an optimization-based price-led control sc..

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