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The Monash Simple Climate Model Experiments (MSCM-DB v1.0): An interactive database of mean climate, climate change and scenario simulations

Dietmar Dommenget, Kerry Nice, Tobias Bayr, Dieter Kasang, Christian Stassen, Michael Rezny

Copernicus GmbH


Abstract. This study introduces the Monash Simple Climate Model (MSCM) experiment database. The model simulations are based on the Globally Resolved Energy Balance (GREB) model. They provide a basis to study three different aspects of climate model simulations: (1) understanding the processes that control the mean climate, (2) the response of the climate to a doubling of the CO2 concentration, and (3) scenarios of external CO2 concentration and solar radiation forcings. A series of sensitivity experiments in which elements of the climate system are turned off in various combinations are used to address (1) and (2). This database currently provides more than 1,300 experiments and has an onlin..

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