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To Which World Regions Does the Valence-Dominance Model of Social Perception Apply?

Benedict C Jones, Lisa Marie DeBruine, Jessica Kay Flake, Marco Tullio Liuzza, Jan Antfolk, Nwadiogo Chisom Arinze, Izuchukwu Lawrence Gabriel Ndukaihe, Nicholas Bloxsom, Savannah Lewis, Francesco Foroni, Megan Willis, Carmelo P Cubillas, Miguel A Vadillo, michael gilead, Almog Simchon, Selahattin Adil Saribay, Nicholas Calbraith Owsley, Dustin P Calvillo, Anna Wlodarczyk, Yue Qi Show all

Center for Open Science


Over the past 10 years, Oosterhof and Todorov’s valence–dominance model has emerged as the most prominent account of how people evaluate faces on social dimensions. In this model, two dimensions (valence and dominance) underpin social judgements of faces. Because this model has primarily been developed and tested in Western regions, it is unclear whether these findings apply to other regions. We addressed this question by replicating Oosterhof and Todorov’s methodology across 11 world regions, 41 countries and 11,570 participants. When we used Oosterhof and Todorov’s original analysis strategy, the valence–dominance model generalized across regions. When we used an alternative methodology to..

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