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Comments on “effect of wetting–drying–freezing–thawing cycles on the swelling behaviour of the Yanji mudstone” [Environ Earth Sci (2019) 78: 435]

A Soltani

Environmental Earth Sciences | Springer | Published : 2019


Recently, Zeng and Kong (2019) investigated the swell–time characteristics of the Yanji mudstone subjected to wetting–drying, freezing–thawing and wetting–drying–freezing–thawing cycles. The swell–time curves were analyzed by means of a four-parameter logistic fitting model, and the swell–time variables, namely the coefficients of initial, primary and secondary swelling, were derived from the so-called “mathematical simulation”. The work under discussion introduces an interesting computational framework which makes use of basic geometrical principles to quantify the swell–time variables in an objective manner. The discusser would like to commend the authors for their valuable work. The prese..

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