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Loss ofO-linked protein glycosylation inBurkholderia cenocepaciaimpairs biofilm formation and siderophore production via alteration of quorum sensing regulation

Cameron Oppy, Leila Jebeli, Miku Kuba, Clare Oates, Richard Strugnell, Laura Edgington-Mitchell, Miguel Valvano, Elizabeth Hartland, Hayley Newton, Nichollas Scott

Published : 2019


O -linked protein glycosylation is a conserved feature of the Burkholderia genus. For Burkholderia cenocepacia , the addition of the trisaccharide β-Gal-(1,3)-α-GalNAc-(1,3)-β-GalNAc to membrane exported proteins is required for virulence and resistance to environmental stress. However, the underlying causes of the defects observed in the absence of glycosylation are unclear. This study demonstrates that the global B. cenocepacia proteome undergoes dramatic changes consistent with alterations in global transcriptional regulation in the absence of glycosylation. Using luciferase reporter assays and DNA cross-linking analysis, we confirm the repression of the master quorum sensing regulon CepR..

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