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Temporal Variation in the Microbiome of Acropora Coral Species Does Not Reflect Seasonality

Hannah E Epstein, Hillary A Smith, Neal E Cantin, Veronique JL Mocellin, Gergely Torda, Madeleine JH van Oppen



The coral microbiome is known to fluctuate in response to environmental variation and has been suggested to vary seasonally. However, most studies to date, particularly studies on bacterial communities, have examined temporal variation over a time frame of less than 1 year, which is insufficient to establish if microbiome variations are indeed seasonal in nature. The present study focused on expanding our understanding of long-term variability in microbial community composition using two common coral species, Acropora hyacinthus, and Acropora spathulata, at two mid-shelf reefs on the Great Barrier Reef. By sampling over a 2-year time period, this study aimed to determine whether temporal var..

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Awarded by Australian Research Council Laureate Fellowship

Funding Acknowledgements

Funding for this research was provided by Paul G. Allen Philanthropies, the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS), and AIMS@ JCU, the joint venture between James Cook University and AIMS. This research was conducted as part of HE's Ph.D. research and HE acknowledges receipt of an AIMS@ JCU Postgraduate Scholarship. MO acknowledges the Australian Research Council Laureate Fellowship FL180100036.