Book Chapter

The Self-Possessed: Framing Identity in Late Minoan Glyptic

Caroline Tully, Sam Crooks

MNHMH / MNEME Past and memory in the Aegean Bronze Age | Peeters-Leuven | Published : 2019


A group of Late Minoan signet rings fashioned in precious metals and engraved with complex and evocative iconographic schemes appears to depict ‘nature’ or ‘rural’ cults enacted at extra-urban sanctuaries, and may have functioned as inalienable possessions implicated in the expression and maintenance of elite identities during the Aegean Bronze Age. The images on the ring bezels depict human figures in association with epiphanic figures situated in settings characterised by the presence of trees and stones, columnar shrines, stepped altars, openwork platforms, tripartite shrines and sanctuary walls, perhaps involving occasional rites and the erection and dismantling of temporary cult structu..

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