Special Issue: Violence in the Post-Soviet Space

Anais Marin, Mischa Gabowitsch, Hanna Smith, Danielle Jackman, Julie Fedor (ed.), Natasha Kuhrt (ed.), Marcin Kaczmarski (ed.), Samuel Greene (ed.), Andre Hartel (ed.), Andrey Makarychev (ed.)

Ibidem-Verlag | Published : 2016


This special issue deals with the phenomenon of violence in the post-Soviet space. The central preoccupation is to examine both political and legal discourses and practices of internal and external violence, broadly conceived, in this space. Simultaneously the special issue aspires to situate these discourses and practices in the broader literature on political violence and ethnic and separatist conflict, and to examine these from political, legal, and security studies perspectives. The issue approaches the problem of violence in the post-Soviet space from three perspectives: The international-structural, inter-state, and domestic-political. The contributors focus on structural sources of vi..

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