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OP57 Endorsement of masculine norms and associations with suicidality among adolescent males

Tania King, Marissa Shields, Victor Sojo Monzon, Galina Daraganova, Dianne Currier, Adrienne O'Neil, Kylie King, Allison Milner

Proceedings of European Congress of Epidemiology 2019 | BMJ Publishing Group | Published : 2019


Abstract Background On many indicators of mental health, such as suicide, adolescent boys and young men fare worse than girls and young women of the same age. Traditional masculine-typed norms and behaviours have been associated with deleterious health outcomes, and among adult men, endorsement of certain masculine norms has been associated with suicidal ideation and poorer mental health. While the examination of masculinity is a useful means of understanding health risks in men and boys, there has been little quantitative examination of this relationship, particularly among adolescents. This study aimed to examine associations between endorsement of masculine norms and suicidal ideation in ..

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