Book Chapter

Beyond whiteness: Perspectives on the rise of the Pan-Asian Beauty Ideal

Susan Ainsworth, Jeaney Yip, Miles Hugh, Gui aume Johnson, Kevin Thomas, Anthony Harrison, Sonya Grier

Race in the Marketplace: Crossing Critical Boundaries | Springer Nature Switzerland AG | Published : 2019


Constructions of beauty are inherently racialized and also reflect the values of their particular contexts. In this chapter, we explore the racial basis and implications of the Pan-Asian beauty ideal. This ideal refers to a look that places particular emphasis on the face, rather than the body, and a distinctly ‘Asian’ white skin tone with characteristic blending of Asian and European facial features. Pursuit of this ideal and its promotion by fashion magazines, modeling agencies, and advertising have given rise to a significant market for beauty and cosmetic products and services that include skin whitening and cosmetic surgery. Reflecting shifting responses to Western influence as well as ..

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