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Isolation of an antimicrobial compound produced by bacteria associated with reef-building corals

Jean-Baptiste Raina, Dianne Tapiolas, Cherie A Motti, Sylvain Foret, Torsten Seemann, Jan Tebben, Bette L Willis, David G Bourne



Bacterial communities associated with healthy corals produce antimicrobial compounds that inhibit the colonization and growth of invasive microbes and potential pathogens. To date, however, bacteria-derived antimicrobial molecules have not been identified in reef-building corals. Here we report the isolation of an antimicrobial compound produced by Pseudovibrio sp. P12, a common and abundant coral-associated bacterium. This strain was capable of metabolizing dimethylsulfoniopropionate (DMSP), a sulfur molecule produced in high concentrations by reef-building corals and playing a role in structuring their bacterial communities. Bioassay-guided fractionation coupled with nuclear magnetic reson..

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