Journal article

Request for information frequency and their turnaround time in construction projects

Ajibade A Aibinu, Simon Carter, Valerie Francis, Paulo Vaz-Serra

Built Environment Project and Asset Management | Emerald | Published : 2019


Purpose The purpose of this paper is to study the nature of request for information (RFIs) on construction projects by using data analytics to understand the frequency of RFIs, when they occur on projects, and the relationship between project characteristics and frequency of RFIs and between project characteristics and RFI turnaround time. Design/methodology/approach A data-analytic approach using RStudio and Minitab software on 168 construction project cases in Australia and New Zealand involving 1,032,949 correspondences and 53,042 RFI event records made available by Aconex, one of the world largest cloud-based project management platform. Findings Large and complex projects tend to have..

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