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Early clinical markers of aggressive multiple sclerosis

Charles Malpas, Ali Manouchehrinia, Sifat Sharmin, Izanne Roos, Dana Horakova, Eva Kubala Havrdova, Maria Trojano, Guillermo Izquierdo, Sara Eichau, Roberto Bergamaschi, Patrizia Sola, Diana Ferraro, Alessandra Lugaresi, Alexandre Prat, Marc Girard, Pierre Duquette, Pierre Grammond, Francois Grand’Maison, Serkan Ozakbas, Vincent Van Pesch Show all

Published : 2019


Patients with the ‘aggressive’ form of MS accrue disability at an accelerated rate, typically reaching EDSS >= 6 within 10 years of symptom onset. Several clinicodemographic factors have been associated with aggressive MS, but less research has focused on clinical markers that are present in the first year of disease. The development of early predictive models of aggressive MS is essential to optimise treatment in this MS subtype. We evaluated whether patients who will develop aggressive MS can be identified based on early clinical markers, and to replicate this analysis in an independent cohort. Patient data were obtained from MSBase. Inclusion criteria were (a) first recorded disability sc..

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