Journal article

Cognitive capacity limits are remediated by practice-induced plasticity between the Putamen and Pre-Supplementary Motor Area

KG Garner, MI Garrido, PE Dux

Published : 2019


Humans show striking limitations in information processing when multitasking, yet can modify these limits with practice. Such limitations have been linked to a frontal-parietal network, but recent models of decision-making implicate a striatal-cortical network. We adjudicated these accounts by investigating the circuitry underpinning multitasking in 100 individuals and the plasticity caused by practice. We observed that multitasking costs, and their practice induced remediation, are best explained by modulations in information transfer between the striatum and the cortical areas that represent stimulus-response mappings. Specifically, our results support the view that multitasking stems at l..

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