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Ability of an Australian reanalysis dataset to characterise sub-daily precipitation

Suwash Chandra Acharya, Rory Nathan, Quan J Wang, Chun-Hsu Su, Nathan Eizenberg

Copernicus GmbH


Abstract. The high spatio-temporal variability of precipitation is often difficult to characterise due to limited measurements. The available low-resolution global reanalysis datasets inadequately represent the spatio-temporal variability of precipitation relevant to catchment hydrology. The Bureau of Meteorology Atmospheric high-resolution Regional Reanalysis for Australia (BARRA) provides a high-resolution atmospheric reanalysis dataset across the Australasian region. For hydrometeorological applications, however, it is essential to properly evaluate the sub-daily precipitation from this reanalysis. In this regard, this paper evaluates the sub-daily precipitation from BARRA for a period of..

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