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Review: Water medication of growing pigs: sources of between-animal variability in systemic exposure to antimicrobials

SB Little, HK Crabb, AP Woodward, GF Browning, H Billman-Jacobe

animal | CAMBRIDGE UNIV PRESS | Published : 2019


On many Australian commercial pig farms, groups of growing pigs are mass-medicated through their drinking water with selected antimicrobials for short periods to manage herd health. However, delivery of medication in drinking water cannot be assumed to deliver an equal dose to all animals in a group. There is substantial between-animal variability in systemic exposure to an antimicrobial (i.e. the antimicrobial concentration in plasma), resulting in under-dosing or over-dosing of many pigs. Three sources of this between-animal variability during a water medication dosing event are differences in: (1) concentration of the active constituent of the antimicrobial product in water available to p..

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