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Genome reconfiguration prior to mitosis shapes the generation of adaptive immunity

Wing Fuk Chan, Hannah Coughlan, Jie HS Zhou, Christine Keenan, Naiara Bediaga, Phillip Hodgkin, Gordon Smyth, Timothy Johanson, Rhys Allan

Published : 2019


During cellular differentiation chromosome conformation is altered to support the lineage-specific transcriptional programs required for cell identity. When these changes occur in relation to cell cycle, division and time is unclear. Here we followed B lymphocytes as they differentiated from a naïve, quiescent state into antibody secreting plasma cells. Unexpectedly, we found that gene-regulatory chromosome reorganization occurred prior to the first division, in late G 1 phase and that this configuration is maintained as the cells rapidly cycle during clonal expansion. A second wave of architectural changes also occurred later as cells differentiated into plasma cells and this was associated..

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