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On Reliability of Patch Correctness Assessment

Dinh Xuan Bach Le, Lingfeng Bao, David Lo, Xin Xia, Shanping Li, Corina Pasareanu

2019 IEEE/ACM 41st International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE) | IEEE | Published : 2019


Current state-of-the-art automatic software repair (ASR) techniques rely heavily on incomplete specifications, or test suites, to generate repairs. This, however, may cause ASR tools to generate repairs that are incorrect and hard to generalize. To assess patch correctness, researchers have been following two methods separately: (1) Automated annotation, wherein patches are automatically labeled by an independent test suite (ITS) - a patch passing the ITS is regarded as correct or generalizable, and incorrect otherwise, (2) Author annotation, wherein authors of ASR techniques manually annotate the correctness labels of patches generated by their and competing tools. While automated annotatio..

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