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墨尔本的中国留学生与社交媒体的移动场景 Chinese students and social media mobile scenes in Melbourne

Francesca Martin

《热风学术网刊》 | Shanghai University Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies | Published : 2019


When most participants use mobile social media in their daily lives, national and ethnical issues are downplayed by their local (or more accurately, cross-regional) focus on absorption: micro-level physical and emotional textures, and the feeling of a particular place where one is located or remembered continues to connect Melbourne and home. The status update of social media is lively, because it is full of specific, daily, homesickness aroused by a hoe, the melancholy of the golden leaves in the night light, a friend, a cup of coffee, a cloud , A melody, a blurry view outside the city window in memory. If we can see this as a form of digital citizenship, then it is not so much an abstract ..

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