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Are the protective benefits of vitamin D in neurodegenerative disease dependent on route of administration? A systematic review.

Krystal Iacopetta, Lyndsey E Collins-Praino, Femke TA Buisman-Pijlman, Jiajun Liu, Amanda D Hutchinson, Mark R Hutchinson

Nutritional Neuroscience | Taylor & Francis | Published : 2020


BACKGROUND: The clinical and preclinical exploration of the therapeutic properties of vitamin D have significantly increased in the past decade, owing to the growing associative evidence suggesting vitamin D is neuroprotective. However, whether depletion of vitamin D contributes to the onset of neurological disorders or is a symptom of neurological disease has yet to be defined. Much remains unclear about the causal role of vitamin D and the method of use and forms of vitamin D. OBJECTIVES: We sought to quantitatively assess if neuroprotective benefits from vitamin D in neurodegenerative diseases are dependent on route of administration: comparing the effect of endogenously sourced vitamin D..

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