Conference Proceedings

Bayesian analysis of erg models for multilevel, multiplex, and multilayered networks with sampled or missing data

J Koskinen, C Broccatelli, P Wang, G Robins

Springer Proceedings in Mathematics and Statistics | Published : 2019


Social network analysis has typically concerned analysis of one type of tie connecting nodes of the same type. It has however been recognised that people are connected through multiple types of ties and that people in addition are affiliated with multiple types of non-people nodes. Exponential random graph models (ERGM) is a family of statistical models for social networks that at this point allows for a number of different types of network data, including one-mode networks, bipartite networks, multiplex data, as well as multilevel network data. Multilevel networks have been proposed as a joint representation of associations between multiple types of entities or nodes, such as people and org..

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