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Genomic interrogation of the burden and transmission of multidrug-resistant pathogens within and across hospital networks

Norelle Sherry, Robyn Lee, Claire Gorrie, Jason Kwong, Rhonda Stuart, Tony Korman, Caroline Marshall, Charlie Higgs, Hiu Tat Chan, Maryza Graham, Paul DR Johnson, Marcel Leroi, Caroline Reed, Michael Richards, Monica Slavin, Leon Worth, Benjamin Howden, Lindsay Grayson, undefined on behalf of the Controlling Superbugs Study Group

Published : 2019


Abstract Background Multidrug-resistant organisms (MDROs) disproportionately affect hospitalized patients due to the combination of comorbidities, frequent antimicrobial use, and in-hospital MDRO transmission. Identification of MDRO transmission by hospital microbiology laboratories is difficult due to limitations of existing typing methods. Methods We conducted a prospective multicenter genomics implementation study (8 hospitals, 2800 beds) from 24 th April to 18 th June 2017 in Melbourne, Australia. Clinical and screening isolates from hospital inpatients were collected for six MDROs ( vanA VRE, MRSA, ESBL E. coli [ESBL-Ec] and Klebsiella pneumoniae [ESBL-Kp], and carbapenem-resistant Pseu..

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