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Expanding the genetic and phenotypic relevance of KCNB1 variants in developmental and epileptic encephalopathies: 27 new patients and overview of the literature

Claire Bar, Giulia Barcia, Melanie Jennesson, Gwenael Le Guyader, Amy Schneider, Cyril Mignot, Gaetan Lesca, Delphine Breuillard, Martino Montomoli, Boris Keren, Diane Doummar, Thierry Billette de Villemeur, Alexandra Afenjar, Isabelle Marey, Marion Gerard, Herve Isnard, Alice Poisson, Sophie Dupont, Patrick Berquin, Pierre Meyer Show all

Human Mutation | WILEY | Published : 2020


Developmental and epileptic encephalopathies (DEE) refer to a heterogeneous group of devastating neurodevelopmental disorders. Variants in KCNB1 have been recently reported in patients with early-onset DEE. KCNB1 encodes the α subunit of the delayed rectifier voltage-dependent potassium channel Kv 2.1. We review the 37 previously reported patients carrying 29 distinct KCNB1 variants and significantly expand the mutational spectrum describing 18 novel variants from 27 unreported patients. Most variants occur de novo and mainly consist of missense variants located on the voltage sensor and the pore domain of Kv 2.1. We also report the first inherited variant (p.Arg583*). KCNB1-related encephal..

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