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An urban ecohydrological model to quantify the effect of vegetation on urban climate and hydrology (UT&C v1.0)

Naika Meili, Gabriele Manoli, Paolo Burlando, Elie Bou-Zeid, Winston TL Chow, Andrew M Coutts, Edoardo Daly, Kerry A Nice, Matthias Roth, Nigel J Tapper, Erik Velasco, Enrique R Vivoni, Simone Fatichi

Copernicus GmbH


Abstract. Increasing urbanization is likely to intensify the urban heat island effect, decrease outdoor thermal comfort and enhance runoff generation in cities. Urban green spaces are often proposed as a mitigation strategy to counteract these adverse effects and many recent developments of urban climate models focus on the inclusion of green and blue infrastructure to inform urban planning. However, many models still lack the ability to account for different plant types and oversimplify the interactions between the built environment, vegetation, and hydrology. In this study, we present an urban ecohydrological model, Urban Tethys-Chloris (UT&C), that combines principles of ecosystem mod..

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