S Pink, Y Akama, Abby Lopes, Alison Barnes, Alison Gill, Andrew Irving, Ann Light, Anne Galloway, Annie Fergusson, Chris Martin, David Carlin, Heather Horst, James Oliver, Jeremy Yuille, Katherine Moline, Laurene Vaughan, Martin Berg, Melisa Duque, Nikos Papastergiadis, Oliver Vodeb Show all

RMIT University | Published : 2015


Design+Ethnography+Futures is a research programme which seeks to explore how the future orientation of combining design + ethnography approaches invites new forms of changemaking, where uncertainty and the ‘not-yet-made’ is at the centre of inquiry. It brings the improvisory, playful, imaginative, sensorial and somewhat contested edges of both fields to create an opening to experiment with what might emerge out of an assembly of ideas, people, feelings, things and processes. This publication focuses in on one of these concerns to ask what happens when uncertainty is placed at the centre of the agenda, and what we might learn from an exploration about harnessing the generative potential of ..

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